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Have you made a checklist?|Have you called your electricity provider?|Have you informed your doctors?

Some moving tips to help you

Here is a list of typical things you might need to do. Take a look at it and start making a plan.

There are so many things that you need to keep track of when you're moving house; there's no way you'll be able to remember everything. That's why we recommend using a Moving House Checklist to help you keep track of all the important steps along the way.

One month before moving

Arrange and confirm your house removal date as far in advance as possible.

Prepare a list of fixtures you are leaving in the house.

Clear out the loft, shed, and other storage and outside spaces.

Tell your bank and credit card providers, building society, insurance companies and all other relevant companies about your new address.

Don't forget your TV license, the inland revenue, DVLA, charities, and the delivery addresses given for any companies you regularly order from on the internet, like Amazon or grocery shopping sites.

Arrange storage facilities if required – we can provide you with this service.

Order boxes and packing materials OR let us take the headache.

Organise to have your new house cleaned in between the old owners moving out and you moving in.

Notify relevant utilities companies and switch home insurance to your new home.

Two weeks before moving

Start eating the food in your freezer.

Send change of address cards or emails to friends and family.

Check you have insurance coverage for the move and make sure it is adequate for your needs.

Fabrics that you are placing into store should be given an anti-moth treatment.

Start to remove any fixtures that you are taking with you.

Prepare plants for transit.

Two days before moving day

Start running down your freezer.

Begin throwing out anything you don't want. Divide into rubbish, which can go to your local dump, and donations, which can go to a charity shop.

Cancel your milk delivery and newspapers.

Re-confirm arrangements with your moving company.

Find out the locations of stopcocks and fuse-boxes at your new house.

Pack up valuable, delicate or small items like jewellery and ornaments.

The day before moving day

Collect any medicines, inhalers etc that you will need over the next few days, along with paracetemol, plasters, contact lens solutions, glasses, razor, toothbrush and a change of underwear and add to your 'personal luggage'.

Collect together your keys, deeds, contract, insurance documents, important phone numbers, removals paperwork, utilities paperwork, a calculator, an alarm clock, your cheque book and credit cards, and add to your 'personal luggage'.

Pack a box containing the kettle, mugs, teaspoons, sugar, teabags, coffee, snacks, takeaway menus, scissors, a torch, corkscrew/bottle opener, a radio, soap, toilet paper and towels and mark it clearly.

Fill your car up with petrol and plan your route. Check for roadworks so you can avoid them.

Pack a box of basic cleaning and repair products for the new house, including a dustpan and brush, strong bin liners and a toolkit, and mark it clearly.

Recharge your mobile phone.

Pack uniforms, school bags, PE kits and schoolwork in a separate box and mark it.

Moving day

Each person should keep their 'personal luggage' on them. Pile them by the door until you're ready to go – don't leave with boxes where movers may put them in the van.

The box containing the kettle, mugs etc should travel with someone in the van who should then ensure it's put in the new kitchen area.

Leave all the sets of keys as arranged for the new owners.

Check all windows are secure and utilities are switched off.

Strip the beds and pack your bedding and curtains.

Keep you pets calm, and ideally in a separate room, so they do not disappear or get in the way. Read our Moving with Pets guide for great advice on making the move less stressful for your pets.

Record all utility meter readings for water, electricity and gas. We recommend taking a photo of the meters with your mobile phone.

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