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We offer a full packing service

Our expert packers will ensure that everything is packed safely, allowing our customer more time to deal with the important details of a house move.
Full packing services

Once we assess your property we will arrive with all the necessary boxes and materials to pack your house. Our professional packers will ensure that everything is packed safely meaning no shattered wine glasses or no chipped mugs and a weight off your mind. Removals packing is great way to help make your move day a stress free experience. Whether you're buying and selling your home or moving to and from rented accommodation, hiring a packing team will give you that little bit of extra time and space to deal with the more important aspects of your move.

With over three generations of removals experience, we at Regency Relocation recognise that no two moves are the same. Each customer has their own unique requirements, which is why we offer a variety of removal services tailored to meet your needs. We offer full or part packing services.

Typically our teams carry out a full pack the day before the actual moving date. We use a variety of industrial strength, double-wall boxes as well as flo-pack, acid-free tissue paper, and fortified bubble-wrap to ensure the highest level of protection for your belongings.

STEP 1 - Book our service
STEP 2 - We pack your goods
STEP 3 - We move your goods
STEP 4 - We unpack your goods*

*step 4 only available through request

Packing Services

Regency Relocations offer a flexible packing service.

Self Pack

  • Regency Relocation will deliver all packing material for you to pack everything ready for the moving day.


Let us take the reins
  • What Regency Relocation do best. Although Regency Relocation offer a self pack service, Full packing is what we specialise in allowing us to take the strain out of moving

Fragile pack

  • Breachwood packing all breakables leaving hard pack to you.

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